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Welcome to LEADS Academy

We are change catalysts working with organizations and institutions to empower teams to succeed.

At LEADS Academy, we believe empowered staff are more motivated and competent to effectively execute their roles. That’s why we design and deliver innovative and customized learning programs that deliver the desired impact in the workplace.

Our vision is to transform leadership in the region. Our mission is embedded in our values: Customer Focus, Learning & Innovation, Responsible,Value & Integrity

At LEAD’S Academy, you not only learn, but you get to experience and apply making the learning stick. We seek to make the unconscious conscious. Through this, we empower you to succeed.

We review and evolve our programs to ensure our solutions are innovative, relevant and impactful in addressing real workplace challenges and opportunities in the 21st century, making our clients to succeed.

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Welcome To Lead Academy

Get the Advantage - Unleash your potential.

Our Main Pathways

Sales Master class

Module 1- Five key building blocks for effective selling

Module 2 – Effective management of the sales process

Module 3 – Essential Selling Skills

Module 4- You- the key block in the winning sales formula

Module 5 – Personal growth and development

Module 6 – The role of technology in effective selling

Module 7 – The role of marketing in promoting effective selling

Module 7 – The sales dashboard

Leadership Masterclass

Module 1- My role as a manager

Module 2 – choosing my leadership style

Module 3 – Essential Skills for a manager

Module 4- Leading effective teams

Module 5 – Leading effective meetings

Module 6 – Decision making

Module 7 – Delegation

Module 8 – Communication

Module 9 – Managing conflict

Personal Development

  1. Free resources

Embracing diversity and inclusion in the workplace

How to increase your influence through role modelling

Effective sales onboarding

My personality and sales

2. Take a leap from resources that have shaped my growth


Online content



Growth Pathways
Online Students

Enroll for Program

Frequently Asked Question

When you click on the enroll button, it will take you to the enroll page where you can sign up for the pathway you have chosen.

Certificates will be issued for sales and leadership pathway upon completion of the programme

We will continue to add more content to the published free online resources available on the site. You can write to us indicating additional resources that you may require.

We will continue to develop and add more resources for your use. You may also write to let us know of additional modules that you require.

You can access online resources for your selected pathway for a period of 12 months. Resources on the Personal Growth and Development Pathway is free and available to you any time at no additional charge.

The online portal gives you the flexibility of learning at your own pace. We encourage you to schedule a module daily so that you can apply, grow and achieve mastery. Once you enroll, you will have access to the resources for a period of twelve months.

The Master Class has been designed to provide you with optimal learning through personal reviews, online assessments and surveys. Each module comes with a workbook with a summary of what was covered in the class and a tasks which you will be required to do complete before you can proceed to the next module. We believe the greatest way of seeing a real performance change is through practical application in the workplace.

There are four ways for you to pay for the master class Pesa Pal (Will capture the details. Use icon) PayPal (Will provide details) Visa Card Bank Transfer Name: The Lead Catalyst Group Limited Account Number 1003109198 Bank NIC Bank Branch Prestige Plaza Swift Code 41

Once you enroll for the Master Class, you will receive a statement of payment.


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